GHC New Hospitals Webinar: Learning From the Best

GHC New Hospitals Webinar: Learning From the Best

Join us for a 1-hour webinar on October 12th to learn how to make your new hospital the best it can be. Over the past decade, Ontario has delivered a few of the most energy efficient hospitals in the world. Greening Health Care has studied what makes these facilities exceptional, and in December 2022 published our High Performance Metrics Guide which is now being used by hospitals, design teams and energy modelers to further raise the bar for highly energy efficient new healthcare facilities. This year we have gone one step further by expanding the research to other jurisdictions around the world. The operating performance of every new hospital has a story to tell. Learn about the latest data and plans to go deeper into best practices, and join the international panel discussion about lessons learned.

Agenda (all times EDT)

12:30 PM: Introductions and Background

  • The international context

12:40 PM: 2022 Performance Results

  • Ontario’s 19 hospitals opened since 2005
  • The international leader board

12:50 PM: A New Framework for Continuous Improvement

  • Practical pathways to net zero emissions

1:00 PM: Panel Discussion on Big Issues and Lesson Learned (so far)

  • Policy, funding and contractual responsibilities
  • Energy modeling, design, commissioning and operations

1:25 PM: Next Steps

  • A global community of practice


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