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Greening Health Care is a network of 65 hospitals from Ontario and Alberta featuring events, benchmarking and assessment reports, on-going energy and water reporting, incentive applications, analytical tools, and awards and recognition.

With the Greening Health Care Program hospitals can:

  • Learn strategies to save energy and reduce utility costs
  • Compare energy and water use with other hospitals
  • Establish energy use targets and estimate cost savings potential
  • Access expert advice on and support with technical, regulatory, and incentive program matters
  • Network at forums, workshops and webinars
  • Share industry knowledge and best practices
  • Be recognized for achievements through industry awards
  • Demonstrate leadership in energy efficiency and greenhouse gas reduction
  • Contribute to a healthy community


GHC has established a true community where our members share and exchange ideas at our industry events. We host several workshops, webinars, and a forum throughout the year.

Helping hospitals become leaders in energy efficiency, reduce their impact on the environment, and contribute more broadly to mitigating climate change and making their communities more sustainable.

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Research and Case Studies

Program Reports

Greening Health Care - Targets Methodology Whitepaper

Greening Health Care Targets Methodology White Paper

The Greening Health Care program has been benchmarking energy and water use of hospitals since 2004 and using these metrics to set performance targets based on the actual use of good performing buildings. This targets methodology white paper details the process of how the billing inputs are turned into actionable areas of savings potential and provide the business case for improvements.

GHC 2021 Program Description Nov 2020 - image

The Program for 2021

Our goals for the new year are simple – to set another record for greenhouse gas emissions reductions and utility cost savings by expanding membership (going wider) and helping members maximize their individual savings (going deeper).


GHC Anesthetic Gas Recovery Bulletin Dec 2020 - image

Anesthetic Gas Recovery from Hospital Operating Rooms (ORs)

Anesthetic gases used in surgical procedures are highly potent greenhouse gases and generally exhausted to atmosphere. Technology exists which can capture and contain these gases, avoiding their damaging effect on the environment. Ongoing development is expected to make some recovered drugs available for reprocessing and use by hospitals before the end of 2021. Hospitals are encouraged to consider this technology in the design of new facilities and when renovating existing OR ventilation systems.

Greening Health Care - Best Practices for Energy Efficient Chiller Plant Design, Operation and Controls

Best Practices for Energy Efficient Chiller Plant Design, Operation and Controls

This research report and accompanying checklist is designed for use by hospital Facility Directors to help them direct their engineering consultants, service contractors, operators and controls companies in making their chiller plant performance the best it can be. Getting the best practical efficiency from hospital cooling plants can lead to significant energy, utility cost and peak demand savings.

GHC White Paper - New Hospitals Performance 2020 Update

Getting it Right the First Time. Actual Energy Performance of Ontario’s New Hospitals

This white paper quantifies and characterizes the relative energy efficiency of new hospitals and presents evidence-based recommendations for achieving and sustaining high performance.

Best Practices for Energy Efficient Boiler Plant Design, Operation and Control

Greening Health Care is initiating a collaborative research project with member hospitals, utility companies and industry experts to develop a best practices guide for use by facility managers in making their boiler plant performance the best it can be.

Operating Room Ventilation Systems Best Practices Guide for Energy Efficiency, Health and Safety

At the beginning of 2016, Greening Health Care initiated an applied research project aimed at documenting best practices for Operating Room ventilation design, retrofit, operation and controls, for use by member hospitals in optimizing the energy performance of their facilities.

Case Studies

Grand River Hospital (Kitchener-Waterloo): Big savings from energy efficiency

Since 2012, supported by the Greening Health Care program, Grand River Hospital in Kitchener-Waterloo has been undertaking a series of energy efficiency projects. The aim of this work was to allocate less of their budget to energy use, and more to better patient care.

Markham Stouffville Performance Improvement

The Target, Story So Far and Future Planning – Greening Health Care May 31, 2018

GHC Member Hospitals


  • Alberta Children’s Hospital, AB
  • Alberta Health Services, AB
  • Baycrest, ON
  • Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, ON
  • Chinook Regional, AB
  • Cold Lake Health Care, AB
  • Credit Valley Hospital, ON
  • Crowsnest Pass, AB
  • Drumheller Health Care, AB
  • Grand River Hospital, ON
  • Halton Healthcare Services, ON
  • Headwaters Health Care Centre, ON
  • Hotel Dieu Hospital, ON
  • Humber River Hospital, ON
  • Kingston General Hospital, ON
  • Mackenzie Health, ON
  • Markham Stouffville Hospital, ON
  • Michael Garron Hospital, ON
  • Muskoka Algonquin Healthcare, ON
  • Niagara Health System, ON
  • North York General Hospital, ON
  • Northern Lights, AB
  • Ontario Shores, ON
  • Orillia Soldiers’ Memorial, ON
  • Red Deer Regional, AB
  • Rockyview Hospital, AB
  • Ross Memorial Hospital, ON
  • Runnymede Healthcare Centre, ON
  • Sacred Heart Community Hospital, AB
  • Shared Services West, ON
  • Sinai Health System, ON
  • Stevenson Memorial, ON
  • Sturgeon Hospital, AB
  • Wetaskiwin Hospital, AB
  • Waypoint Centre for Mental Health, ON
  • West Park Healthcare Centre, ON
  • Westview Health Care, AB
  • William Osler Health System, ON
  • William J Cadzow Healthcare, AB
  • Women’s College Hospital, ON

2019 Awards


GHC members are eligible for industry-leadership awards:

  • 5 Percent Club Award
    For members who achieve more than 5% total energy savings from their baseline year.
  • Leadership Award
    For members who demonstrate exceptional leadership in environmental vision, engagement of stakeholders, energy and water performance, and innovation in environmental protection.
  • Rising Star Award (every 3 years)
    This new award is for members that have reduced total energy by 20% or more over 5 years.