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Case Studies

Grand River Hospital’s Systematic Approach to Conservation – Nov 2018


Research Projects

Getting It Right the First Time: Actual Energy Performance of Ontario’s New Hospitals

This white paper quantifies and characterizes the relative energy efficiency of new hospitals and presents evidence-based recommendations for achieving and sustaining high performance. Applying the lessons learned to new hospital facilities still in the pipeline is expected to raise the bar further still, enabling consistently high performance from the day they open their doors – in effect, “getting it right the first time.”

Download the report: Actual Energy Performance of Ontario’s New Hospitals

Best Practices for Boiler Plant Operations and Controls

QC Colorized GraphicsGreening Health Care is initiating a collaborative research project with member hospitals, utility companies and industry experts to develop a best practices guide for use by facility managers in making their boiler plant performance the best it can be. Over the past 5 years, members have implemented a range of boiler plant retrofit and replacement projects which have produced a range of gas savings results. We have tracked gas use for newly built hospitals, existing boiler plant replacements and major controls upgrades for several member hospitals. Through interval gas metering we can now directly compare the actual operating performance of these hospitals against each other. All of this provides a rich body of data from which best operational and control practices can be learned, shared and applied to all member hospitals.

Download the report: Best Practices for Energy Efficient Boiler Plan Design, Operation and Control

Operating Room Ventilation Systems Best Practices Guide for Energy Efficiency, Health and Safety

Operating-Room-BetterAt the beginning of 2016, Greening Health Care initiated an applied research project aimed at documenting best practices for Operating Room ventilation design, retrofit, operation and controls, for use by member hospitals in optimizing the energy performance of their facilities. Hospitals and healthcare facilities have diverse indoor environment due to different comfort and health needs of the its occupant. Hospitals consume tremendous amounts of energy to ventilate operating rooms to ensure indoor air quality and to meet the building code and regulatory requirements.

Four major acute hospitals took part in the project, providing technical input and review as well a information on their existing ventilation systems and operations. The Best Practices Guide presents the findings, conclusions, and recommendations arising from the project.  We would like to thank our project sponsors Enbridge Gas, Toronto Hydro, Blue-Zone Technologies, and the IESO for their contributions to the research project.

Download the report: Operating Room Ventilation Systems Best Practices Guide for Energy Efficiency