Ready for Action: LED Lighting and OR Ventilation Retrofits


February 18 2021


12:30 pm – 1:30 pm

Federal Climate Action Incentive Funding is beginning to flow. Join us for the first in a series of webinars to help you be prepared with a range of shovel-ready projects which can be completed within short timelines.

Our first topic is LED lighting. Many retrofits install too many lamps, winding up with uncomfortable light levels in some areas and miss the opportunity to improve results by retrofitting some fixtures and removing others. Our panel of industry experts and member hospitals who have been through recent retrofits will provide insights and experience as we work towards our new lighting best practices guide.

The second topic will be going deeper into OR Ventilation system retrofits and operations, to provide safety and adaptability along with utility cost and emissions reductions.

GHC Members can request a recording of this webinar from