Webinar: Energy & Emissions Reductions – Planning for Success

Webinar: Energy & Emissions Reductions – Planning for Success


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Setting targets, identifying the right measures, making the business case for investment, and implementing the improvements. While Ontario hospitals prepare their government-mandated energy conservation plans in 2024, other hospitals across North America tackle their own savings opportunities.

It doesn’t matter how solid your technical energy plan is if you don’t have the organizational capacity to get it done. Join the conversation on executive commitment, internal collaboration, making the best use of your staff, and engaging external resources who are ready and willing to help.

Join us for panel discussions with healthcare leaders on technical, management, and organizational strategies that can deliver exceptional results.

Webinar Agenda:

  • Welcome and Introduction
  • Energy Planning Essentials
    • Clear and achievable targets
    • Past lessons learned
    • Operational and retrofit measures
    • Executive commitment, organizational alignment, and resources required for success
  • Being Prepared
    • Utilizing data, metering, plans and test reports
    • Performance-based service level agreements
    • Grants and incentives
    • Low carbon capital planning
  • Panel Discussion
    • Planning for Success – what will it take?




Chris Mackey
Director of Facilities Management, Providence Care, Kingston ON



Rob Simpson
Manager, Facilities, Ontario Shores Centre, Whitby ON


Servanne Fowlds
P3 Contract Manager, CAMH Redevelopment, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, Toronto ON