Next Steps Towards Low-carbon Central Plants

Next Steps Towards Low-carbon Central Plants

The transition to the low carbon future is a global challenge which is transforming the way we look at healthcare facilities. Hear the viewpoints from healthcare leaders and industry experts as our panel tackles a broad range of issues from facility design, technology and operations to capital planning, financing, procurement and performance verification.

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Low Carbon Central Plant Background (19:31 min)
A background on the economic and environmental drivers of emissions reductions.
Ian Jarvis, Executive Director, Climate Challenge Network

Panel Discussion Featuring:

  • Amir Gill, Director Facilities Engineering, Capital Planning, Biomedical Engineering, Niagara Health System
  • Myles Boonstra, Director of Environmental Sustainability and Energy, Shared Health Manitoba
  • Paul Ingham, Vice President – Sales & Marketing, Thermogenics Boilers
  • Brent Frayne, Principal, Smith + Andersen
  • Mike Rohan, Corporate Director, Engineering and Infrastructure, Northwell Health, New York
  • John Federico, Manager Environmental Service/Plant Operation, West Park Healthcare Centre

Getting the Most out of your Existing Central Plant (27:07 min)
Guidance on practical approaches to testing, operations, maintenance and controls.

Your Transition to Low Carbon (45:14 min)
The design, planning, financing and execution for low carbon plant transitions at lowest life cycle cost.