2021 Greening Health Care Annual Forum – Year-End Celebration

2021 Greening Health Care Annual Forum – Year-End Celebration

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Context and Keynote Presentation (28:31 min)

  • Barbara Collins, President and CEO, Humber River Hospital
  • Ian Jarvis, Executive Director, Climate Challenge Network

Executive Panel (74:28 min)
From governance to daily decision-making, the rising tide of climate change is already placing new demands and responsibilities on everyone involved in the healthcare sector.

  • Barbara Collins, President and CEO, Humber River Hospital
  • Dean Olmstead, Chief Program Officer for Capital Management, Alberta Health Services
  • Dr Fiona Miller, Professor of Health Policy, University of Toronto
  • Dr Myles Sergeant, Director of the Medically Complex Program, St Peter’s Hospital, Hamilton Health Sciences Centre

Celebrating Successes (12:25 min)
The practical pathway to the low carbon future begins with the best of today’s hospital performance and practices. The most energy efficient and top saving hospitals provide knowledge and inspiration to raise everyone’s expectations and drive sector-wide transformation to the sustainable future

  • Recognizing our top-saving hospitals and their strategies for success
  • Finding and learning from the most efficient hospitals across North America and around the world

Humber River Hospital Case Study (57:08 min)
Humber River is the best of the new generation of hospital designs featuring integrated central plants and comprehensive heat recovery

  • Grace Pan, Director, Redevelopment, Humber River Hospital
  • Kurt Monteiro, Principal, Smith + Andersen
  • Alexander White, Director, Project Delivery – Plenary Americas

From Today’s High Performance to Net Zero by 2050 (62:43 min)
Decisions being made today are setting the stage for transition to low carbon at the least life cycle cost

  • Lorie Pella, Director of Campus Redevelopment, West Park Healthcare Centre
  • Mike Rohan, Corporate Director, Engineering & Infrastructure, Northwell Health, New York
  • Richard Darch, Chief Executive, Archus, UK