Our mission is to help hospitals become leaders in energy efficiency and by doing so reduce their impact on the environment and contribute more broadly to mitigating climate change and making their communities more sustainable.


About Us

Greening Health Care is a ground-breaking program that goes beyond energy reporting and benchmarking to establish energy targets for individual health care facilities, and thus how much energy each hospital can expect to save.

The program is based on the concept of conservation potential and setting energy targets based on utility data and building characteristics. This knowledge of conservation potential provides the foundation and direction for effective strategy to improve energy efficiency.

Collectively, our member hospitals are building the knowledge and practice of energy efficiency, uncovering energy saving opportunities and sharing their knowledge with peers. They use Greening Health Care’s data-driven, performance-based conservation methodology to understand their energy profile identify implementation measures and set priorities for action.

As a member of Greening Health Care, you get:

  • individual benchmarking of energy & water efficiency
  • identification of conservation potential
  • annual Sustainability Forum
  • workshops & webinars to review performance and share best practices
  • information and networking with peers and industry experts
  • resources to help define & implement measures
  • online data management & reporting
  • compliance with energy and environmental regulations
  • access to incentives
  • awards & recognition